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Tonight is gunna be the night

She breaks in a room full of emptiness

3 April 1980
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So this section is supposed to be "about me" so where to start... I'm one of those people who are painfully shy when you first meet them and then you just can't seem to ever shut them up after that! I'm an incredibly loyal friend almost to a fault. People tend to take advantage of the fact that I seldom say no to a friend. I also love being alone...just ask Misty it takes her a month to get me to drive over to her house! I've been through more things than most people ever will have to, but I don't throw it in your face that I have been through worse things when you come to me with a problem. I tend to make friends very easily...but then again I somehow make enemies just as fast. Very few people have ever seen me actually get angry...tends to take a lot but then it takes me a full day to get over it. I'm so against racism and it makes my skin crawl listening to people talk at times. So your white...get the fuck over it and treat people equal.

When you are younger you think you know who you will always be friends with and who you can live without. But then you grow up and realize how wrong you sometimes are. The two people I held the closest to me are two people I haven't talked to for about 4 years. The two that I never thought I would lean on are the ones I feel I can't live without. Jen is one of them...she is as crazy and immature as me. She actually gets ME and I can tell her anything and know shes never going to judge me...hell she will probably tell me a story about how she did the same thing!

++ When I really find something funny I snort like a little piggy.

++ I love to stand out in the rain and close my eyes because for a moment everything is perfect.

++ I to make someone laugh.

++ I love the feeling of butterflies in my stomach.

++ I'd love to be the open book people think I am.

-- I hate when people belittle me.

-- I hate when you yell.

-- I hate when I have to question myself and think that its me thats wrong.

-- I hate all these tears that I have to hold back.

-- I hate when I have held my tounge so long that I feel blood trickle down my chin.

-- I hate that you look me square in the eye and see nothing wrong.

-- I hate feeling so dead inside.

-- I hate the voice in my head thats stronger than my will.

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